Pavilion Nordico



PAVILION NORDICO is proud to announce the 5 designers selected to take part in the first edition of our design-focused residency and culture program PN1. These talented young designers from across the Nordic region were selected by our Jury from the Open Call published in autumn 2019. 

NICK ROSS is a Swedish-Scottish designer living and working in Stockholm. He creates visually restrained design objects that draw on a complex repertoire of history to examine cultural balances and create bridges between the past and the contemporary.

OLIVIA BRONTÉN OLIVIA LORENA is a Swedish object and spatial designer working in Stockholm. With emotional values as a starting point, her goal is to create projects that enhance or compliment everyday life.

SIGVE KNUTSON is a Norwegian designer working in Oslo creating tactile organic-shaped sculptures from various materials. His practice is motivated by a fascination for the intuitive and playful over the structured and rigid.

FREDERIK NYSTRUP-LARSEN & OLIVER SUNDQVIST are a Danish artist and design duo working in London and Copenhagen. Investigating different means, materials and processes with the aim of challenging the viewer’s interpretation, they explore the intersection between art and design. 

All designers will soon arrive in Buenos Aires to realize their chosen project in close collaboration with local craftspeople, workshops and design studios. 

The project is realized in cooperation with RIES Estudio, Sur Del Cruz and Quick Tiny Shows. 

If you wish to find out more about the designers, our partners and collaborators and the production process, check back in with us in the coming weeks for more interviews and features.