Pavilion Nordico



In April 2019, PAVILION NORDICO hosted Berlin-based magazine Gruppe for a media residency. Each season, PAVILION NORDICO invites one media group to stay in the residency and shine a light on the parts of Buenos Aires that they think deserve more attention.

Gruppe is a magazine and creative platform whose work appears in print, online and live. Their goal is to connect young creatives from various disciplines such as visual art, fashion design and photography to create situational works that are then documented for the magazine.

The team of Gruppe, consisting of creative directors Tim Heyduck and Fritz Schiffers and text director Nele Ruckelshausen, spent two weeks in Buenos Aires to document the exhibition and performance of Cycle Music and Art Festival and work with Nordic and local artists.

During their stay they collaborated with local photographer Dagurke. On the Gruppe website, you can now read an extended interview with Cycle performer Adam Christensen and see photos from their encounter with Argentinian drag artist group Comparsa Drag.

More original documentation will be released as part of their next print publication in fall 2019.

Photograph by Dagurke