Pavilion Nordico



PAVILION NORDICO is happy to announce the arrival of its first residents in Buenos Aires.

Annie Åkerman, Hrefna Hörn Leifsdottir, Keti Ortoidze and Sarah Rosengarten formed their collective in 2018 as an alliance of friendship and common interests. Together they started thinking about the “body-as-display” while treating questions of how to show with others. The undercurrent of their work is to develop transient modes of showing and treating elements of speed, space and sound. By inviting other artists to participate in their work presentations they try to speak outside of themselves and consider their artistic practice a way to communicate.

The collective will spend the month of March in the PAVILION NORDICO villa in Barracas to work together with local artists, performers and musicians on a performative exhibition premiering at the villa on March 30th.