Pavilion Nordico



The call for the PAVILION NORDICO residency 2019 in Buenos Aires is now open!

The residency is open to up to 8 Nordic and 2 international creators who wish to work on a creative project in the context of Argentinian art and culture. Creators from all Nordic countries and all creative disciplines - including visual, performing and sound art, writing, academia, activism, and food can apply alone or in teams with their project. The two international spots are open to creators who work in the fields of “socially & politically engaged art” and “environment”.

Our residents will be selected by a high-profile jury of international art professionals, with a special emphasis on interdisciplinary projects, cultural diversity and socially engaged art practices.

The PAVILION NORDICO villa can host up to four guests at a time and includes private bedrooms, studio space, a small gallery, kitchen, baths and a rooftop terrace. Over the period of one month, creators will have space to live and work at the PAVILION NORDICO villa in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, connecting with local artists, curators and institution leaders as well as visiting creators and curators from the public program.

You can find out more and apply for our residency here.