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PAVILION NORDICO is excited to introduce you to the first of our five young Nordic designers currently participating in the PN1 residency in Buenos Aires.

Sigve Knutson is a Norwegian designer creating tactile organic-shaped sculptures from various materials. His practice is motivated by a fascination for the intuitive and playful over the structured and rigid.

PAVILION NORDICO team member Nele Ruckelshausen asked him about his work during the PN1 residency, new materials he's discovered, and his impression of Argentina.


Hi Sigve, can you tell us more about your background? What's the current form, shape, and purpose of your work and how did you arrive at it?

I studied design and graduated with an MA in Contextual Design at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016. I am continuously looking for new materials and tools to work with. I don't have an education in any specific craft, I sort of prefer being an amateur. It allows you to do things in a wrong way, and surprising things can come from that approach. 

What are you working on for PN1? Which people, materials and processes are involved? 

I have spent some weeks looking for materials that I see potential in. Some are local and other are more universal like casted aluminum. I wanted to create a little group of objects consisting of different materials that represent aspects of what I have seen and learned during my stay, 

Is there a particular aspect of Argentine design you'd like to see more of in the European design scene?

I think that there is a hands on approach to production within the design field in Argentina that differs from the European design scene. 

What new ideas, skills, and knowledge do you think you will take away from having participated in PN1?

I have been working with mimbre and trying out different ways to make quite organic shapes with the material. It is a local type of wicker and a material that I would like to do more objects with. 

Thank you!


Sigve will be taking over the PAVILION NORDICO Instagram stories for the next three days, in which you can learn more about his work in Buenos Aires. Stay tuned to learn about the other talented young designers in our program in the coming weeks!

Image provided by Sigve Knutson