Pavilion Nordico



PAVILION NORDICO was founded by Jali Wahlsten (FI) and Sara Løve Daðadóttir (DK/IS) in 2018. Since the idea for the project first appeared a year ago, it has developed to include a range of art and culture professionals who draw on their interdisciplinary experiences and international networks to help shape the first Nordic art & culture center in Argentina.

You can learn more about the PAVILION NORDICO founders Jali Wahlsten and Sara Løve Daðadóttir and their vision behind the project in the upcoming interviews with them on our website. In the meantime, Spanish speakers can read recent interviews in Clarin and El Flasherito by following the links below.

The portrait of Wahlsten and Dadadottir was taken by Argentinian photographer Dagurke at PAVILION NORDICO in April 2019.

Photograph by Dagurke