Pavilion Nordico



PAVILION NORDICO is very excited to introduce to you one of our closest friends and collaborators, Argentinian photographer Dagurke.

Dagurke, whose real name is Agustín, grew up in Cordoba but has been living in Buenos Aires for the past seven years. His photography documents the streets and people of the city in a distinct, detail-oriented and insightful manner.

In the past two months, Dagurke has captured several projects and events for PAVILION NORDICO, including the openings of “Various Parks” and “Reacción a Islandia”. Many of the portrait shoots you see on our site were taken by him. Together with our media residents Gruppe, he has worked on several original photo series that will be released in online and print in the next months. You can get a little taste of their collaboration by visiting the Gruppe website.

At the moment, Dagurke is on a year-long journey across South America. You can follow his trip on Instagram @dagurke or visit his website via the link below.

Photograph by Dagurke