Pavilion Nordico



Dear Friends, Collaborators, Followers and Supporters!

As the year turns, we are taking a look back at the exciting beginnings of PAVILION NORDICO in 2019 - its first edition and many unexpected successes - and a look into the future, to the many new branches of the project developing in 2020.

We are very grateful for the team, partners and funding opportunities that allowed us to accomplish all that we did in 2019: from the inauguration of PAVILION NORDICO in Buenos Aires to our many amazing partners such as Cycle Music & Art Festival, Kiosk Studio and Gruppe Magazine to all the successful exhibitions, talks and events that took place in Iceland, Denmark, Germany and more, we couldn't have hoped for a better first year.

And as 2020 begins, we're equally excited for what the future holds for us. Now that we're all leaving the teens behind and entering our twenties, PAVILION NORDICO is looking for ever more opportunities to grow and expand - all the while keeping true to our initial goal of connecting Nordic art, culture and values with underappreciated creative hubs around the world. From our design residency PN1, which begins in just a few weeks, to fresh visuals, new partners and upcoming project locations, we are stoked for the many exciting changes, challenges and chances that lie ahead.

We hope you continue to follow our journey - maybe even contribute to it - and want to thank everyone again for their work, support, and interest so far. May the coming decade, despite its many challenges, be the best one yet for all of us.

Happy New Year!